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Our Story


Lamplight was established to be able to offer people affordable quality. Having been restrained creatively and administratively at previous companies, we hope to be able to offer a friendly, creative service, that will stand the test of time and design things that people enjoy interacting with. 

Being creatives at heart, there is a nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than producing something that people respond to positively or inspires desired outcomes. This is what we strive for at Lamplight and hope to do going forward for any and all!



Canadian born and bred, Amy spent her formative working years as a Graphic Designer for an advertising agency in Toronto, most notably designing marketing pieces for Carlsberg Canada. She lived in England from 2014 to 2018, where she met Dan and established Lamplight. Amy is currently based outside Toronto.



UK born and bred, Dan left his home in Yorkshire to attend the University of Creative Arts in Maidstone - southern England - where he attained a degree in Graphic Media. He then moved to Nottingham to work at a branding agency as an Account Manager, where he met Amy.