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5 top resources for design inspiration

Sometimes you just need a little creative boost in order to get you through the day. Whether you’re looking for general inspiration of trying to get out of some funk that you’ve found yourself in, the web is a great place teeming with ideas. Below is a small, curated selection of places I like to visit, to feel inspired, moved and raring to go.

SiteInspire – Websites

It seems apt when talking about inspiration, to list a place that names themselves using said word. SiteInspire is a carefully selected list of some the best, innovative sites the web has to offer. A quick perusal will give you many different approaches and aesthetics to chew over. That, and the fact that filtering by styles, sectors, subjects etc is so easy, make this a handy little platform for all things website.

Dribbble – General

Whilst there is a lot more to Dribbble than showcasing people’s work, it is still a phenomenal place for just that. From illustration to logo design, from app layouts to posters, there is something for everyone here. If you’re just looking for a place to go to get a healthy dose of creativity, this should be one of your first ports of call.

Typewolf – Typography

Good use of type is key in all walks of design. The layout, colours, messaging can all be perfect, but if the font and spacing are off, everything comes crashing down. Thankfully, Typewolf is here to help, with great lists of font pairings, alternatives, advice and news. Need a Helvetica alternative? There’s a post to help. Need some good type based websites? There’s a post for that. Want to know what font to pair with another? You get the idea. Go have a look!

Behance – Portfolios

Sometimes portfolios are the best way to get a healthy dose of creativity. Seeing people’s work before they’ve had to reign in any ideas or dial things back a bit for fear of scaring a clients audience, can really help you appreciate art and design in it’s rawest form. Behance is great for this. With a great selection of professional and personal projects, there will definitely be something here to get the creative juices flowing.

Awwwards – Websites

Awwwards is exactly what it sounds like with its clever wordplay. Awards for the World Wide Web. A carefully selected, heavily scrutinised set of websites by experts, design luminaries and professionals, makes this a great place to spend your time if you’re in need of some ideas from the best in the business. If you’re feeling particularly confident you can even submit your own sites for them to review. If that is the case, good luck and you have my respect!

The above is just a painfully small snapshot of places available online to get you feeling ‘arty’. If you have any questions about the above, or any you think should have made the cut over the above, let us know.

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