New year, new you. How can we help?

This past weekend, I went to a friends 30th birthday dinner. Having only just moved home after being away in England for 4 years, social situations like this - now more than ever - are always a great way to catch up with people.

Whenever the question of “what are you doing these days?” comes up, I still find myself navigating the best possible answer. Lamplight is a creative agency, but the more generally acknowledged term would be “graphic design”. Even then, these days such a wide range of skills and expertise can fall within that category. I find this results in people generally writing off graphic design as a service that can only used by large corporations or really niche businesses, there doesn’t seem to be any in between. The truth is, a designer, team or agency can be so helpful to consult when it comes to your personal or professional goals. Yes, websites are a large part of our workload, what with how digitally driven the world is these days. However, there are so many facets to creative design that are beyond what you see when you fire up Google.

A logo can be done by a designer, of course. But if you already have a logo, what about a brand surrounding it? If you’ve established your brand look and feel, are there guidelines to ensure it stays consistent throughout various creative pieces? If you’re just starting out and don’t have a website yet, how do your social media platforms shape up? Do you have proper images for your business pages? What about icons, banners or blog posts?

A business card is great, but how about having custom blank notepads created with your contact details on the front cover? Leave your client with something tangible that they can continue to use long after you’ve interacted with them. Or before you even have that client, how does your presentation for the big meeting look? Do you think it needs some graphic elements to tie it all together and make an impact?

Graphic design is not an unattainable service, so the conversation around it shouldn’t be either.

Find agencies that offer free consultations, see what they have to say about your creative needs. Don’t by shy! Designers are here to help.

Let’s get to work.

Amy Hill